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Our Story

Recently inspired to spread her wings and go solo in her professional practice, Kelli Gabriel committed herself to the future her mentor had long envisioned for her.

After graduating Magna Cum Laude with a BS in finance and accounting, Kelli was presented with multiple job offers from the then “Big 8” accounting firms. After investing more than the traditional four years necessary to earn her BS, thanks to her young marriage and personal out- of-pocket educational expenses, Kelli was convinced she would become an accountant.

With her perfect 4.0 GPA and resignation letter from her administrative assistant position in hand, Kelli informed the financial planner she had spent 40+ hours per week working for that she was embarking on a new professional path.

His response? That she would be a “lousy” accountant, that a life behind a desk crunching numbers would dim her light. And that her love of people and their mutual feelings towards her would be better served elsewhere.

Not to be deterred, Kelli stayed steadfast to her ambitions of becoming an accountant and was poised to accept a position with Arthur Andersen. Nevertheless, her mentor - a match for Kelli’s strong will - approached her again, emphasizing the stewardship at the heart of responsible financial planning. In an almost cinematic moment of recognition, Kelli “got it,” called Arthur Anderson with her change of heart, and mustered the strength of spirit required to strike out on her own.

Blessed to find her footing on what she knows is the right path, and with the spirit of her mentor guiding her, Kelli is determined to use her talents and vision to create a positive impact on her clients and community.

She is proud to welcome you into the family at Stewardship Private Wealth Management.